Thank you for being vulnerable and sharing your PERSONAL story! I know that your story will provide value to others for the taking!

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This is a very well-written article. Very commendable of Chad and his wife to have an open dialogue about their life together - and identifying their financial goals. But at the same time, Chad recognizes just how rich he is.

Also, the part that reads “So we got intentional with our money.” is such an important takeaway and makes us happy that we “set it and forget it”.

Chad/Jordan - thank you for sharing! Look forward to following Chad’s story.

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Feb 18Liked by Jordan | The Wealth Letters

I did the same thing last year - bought a holiday home outright and now consider myself to life a dream life. I do what I want, I life what I do & I live everyday like I’m on holiday. All because I started to put my health first, above everything. & what I didn’t see coming was that this actually became an extra layer of healing and my health improved yet again because of it. I might write in! 🙂

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