What is The Wealth Letters?

The Wealth Letters is a collection of insights from all walks of life on finding true wealth.

The manifesto is a great place to start before diving in to the collection, as it will give a clear vision of the project; the Who, What, and Why.

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Who is this for?

This project was originally started for my two baby girls, but has quickly expanded beyond just my daughters. I want this project to reach not only myself, my daughters, and my family & friends; but maybe even beyond my closest sphere.

My aim is that this diverse collection of insights can be dissected, fact-checked, emulated, and applied to our lives to find true wealth. I think that upon reading the collection, you will realize that wealth may be something that we all are pursuing, even if it is different for each person.

We are human beings…our DNA is wired to want more: More money. More possessions. More success. More knowledge. More happiness. More meaning. More wealth.

I believe that if every single one of us are to be brutally honest with ourselves, we all would agree that we are on a continuous search for that “something” in our lives, and that continuous search can be daunting; exhausting.

I don’t want my daughters, wife, self, family, friends, or anyone reading the collection (that’s you) to have to grapple with this constant searching of life’s true meaning!

Why is This Public?

This is being made public for two simple reasons:

  1. We all face our own demons in this world, and I believe that as a community, we can learn to navigate some of these issues we face by sharing with, and learning from others. We are not meant to fight the struggles of this life alone.

  2. Mr. Money Mustache (perhaps one of the most well-known personal finance / financial independence bloggers in the world) says that “making it public” puts skin in the game and better drives one to meet their goal(s). From someone who has been there and done that, I will heed his advice. The purpose of this project and its ultimate goal is lofty, and I will need support in achieving it.

    “Proclaiming your goals in public really gets you off your butt to accomplish them. The only question is: Do you have the guts to do it, when there’s no turning back?” - Mr. Money Mustache

I Need Your Help

In order for this project to succeed and have the greatest reach, I need your help. Will you provide your wealth insights to the collection? Will you help to make this project bigger than ourselves?

How can you contribute?

You can:

  • Write a Wealth Letter and provide as much or as little as you feel called on what wealth is to you…Direct your letter to yourself, or to someone in your own life, or even a much wider audience. Stay anonymous, or tell the world who you are!

  • Send your Wealth Letter to support@thewealthletters.com to be featured in the collection.

Maybe you do not want to write a letter. That’s okay! You can still help contribute to the project!

  • Share this project with friends, family, or an audience you feel could benefit.

  • Share this project with the people you would LOVE to learn from on how they built a life of wealth by asking them to submit their wealth letter to the project

    Share The Wealth Letters

If you would like to contribute to the project, have any ideas, feedback, or just want to say hello, please reach out via email: support@thewealthletters.com


Twitter @WealthLetters

I look forward to hearing from you!


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A collection of insights from all walks of life on finding true wealth.


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